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Fender Telecaster Deluxe 72 Neck Pickup problems — 29 agosto, 2017

Fender Telecaster Deluxe 72 Neck Pickup problems

Guitars seem to have a funny way sometimes to drive people crazy, it is something we all go through from time to time. A week ago I started playing with my new Fender Telecaster Deluxe 72 reissue and noticed that my bridge pickup was 60% louder than the neck PU. It was weird and it was the first time it had ever happened to me with a guitar.

I adjusted the PU pots and tried to find a way to adjust the overall PU height but the results we bad because the guitar started to sound horrible and I started to do the regular Google research.’

Many people talking about pickups volume differences and giving instructions for testing the pickup electronic values. It was a total waste of time because the readings I was getting were very inaccurate and desoldering and soldering was an option I didn’t want to do given the fact that it is a brand new guitar.

In the end I took it to the store where I bought it and the pickup was changed, the tech guy told me that most of the time the pots lose their magnetic properties due to bad handling of the guitars during transportation or leaving the guitars too close to the amps or magnetic fields.

It is useless to try to fix them yourself because you will lose your warranty once you open the PU. So if you happen to go through the same problems don’t waste too much time and take the guitar to the store where you bought it.

If you got it second hand, take it to a dealer and they might change it at a cost but it is worth the investment and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and hassle.


Pedalboard for Marshall dsl40c  — 11 mayo, 2017

Pedalboard for Marshall dsl40c 

Having a new amplifier is a blessing but it also requires you to rethink how you use your pedals. I had to rely on many pedals to get the sound I wanted but now with just a few “eessential” pedals I am more than happy with the sound I am getting. 

MXR CAE404 for the wah 

Mooer baby tuner 

The classic tubescreamer 

Xotic SP compressor 

OKKO dominator for leads and high gain 

Mooer spark chorus (not used too much)

Mad Professor delay (very cool)

TC hall of fame reverb 

And out of the switcher : the MXR EQ and the Xotic EP Booster 

The JOYO SWITCH has been reviewed many times and it does the job. Easy to edit and very reliable. Maybe in the future I will change it but so far it covers my needs.
It all goes in front of the amp because I am not using the amp’ dirty channels. I use it on clean and play with the gain a bit to push the TS. If I need more volume I would go to the Crunch channel.
Hope you like it and if you have any questions please let me know 

Solid state amps — 4 mayo, 2017

Solid state amps

Your sound coming out of a solid state amp would be very close to the valve amps if they are manufactured after 2015. Before that the DSP were not able to perform well due to the poor capacity of sound processing. Nowadays Fender, Blackstar and Marshall are competing very hard to get as close as they can to their original valve models.

Truth — 2 mayo, 2017


Walking to work and thinking about what is happening in the world these days, it came as a flash, what is actually happening?

Since I was a child my parents owned the truth. Even if things were obvious, they were always right and to my disgrace I was always wrong. There was no space for discussion.

In my teenage years, I was certain of many things that were true but nowadays those ideas are long gone or don’t matter to me anymore. Were they true? So many people telling you what to do that the noise blocked my will to find if what I was seeing around me was right or wrong. Education, history, parenting, philosophy, friendship, they were all just posting in opposite directions. 

As for today, even if you read or actually see something happening you can hear the media and politicians telling you that’s not true. Everyone own their own truth, it’s a with-or-against-me situation and an endless discussion arises to the point of becoming nonsense and the truth somehow is set aside. Reality is no longer real. Our perception is clouded and distorted. 

Truth is no longer important but who speaks louder and who likes to listen to the madman who screams. 

New pedalboard setup  — 1 mayo, 2017
This is the SP… Anyway the EP Booster is also a secret weapon  — 11 octubre, 2016
Xotic SP Compressor  —
Wampler Leviathan Fuzz pedal (Discontinued) — 27 septiembre, 2016
EHX Turnip Greens + Strymon Timeline in the fxloop — 8 agosto, 2016

EHX Turnip Greens + Strymon Timeline in the fxloop

This is a very specific topic. I am simplifying my pedalboard and by working with the logics of the fx chain, I found that the turnip green by EHX has a FX loop. My TG has been sitting there for a long time since I bought it because having an OD followed by a Reverb is not very useful in a chain where I have delays and others at the end of it. Reverb should be the last pedal in my chain; it is because Reverb creates lots of echoes and high pitched sounds that will bounce badly within a Chorus or a delay. By having my Strymon Timeline running into the TP FX loop I avoid this kind of undesired sounds. It actually works very well and you can have wonderful arrangements by using the Soul food (OD) as a boost.  So the order of my chain would be:

Guitar > WAH > MXR Dyna Comp > Blackstar HT-Dist > Turnip greens (Soul food + Holy Grail) EHX > EQ > Volume > EP booster > Amp

I used to work with the fx loop of my amp but sometimes I just cannot take my amp to some gigs and if there is an amp without a FX loop I would be in troubles, therefore I made this straight up approach of a single series of pedals. It works well and the BLACKSTAR is a distortion but it can also work as an OD if you play with a low gain settings. I tried using the Soul Food as an OD and it works great, you just need to play a bit with the volume setting because it is very aggressive. This chain works well with both my Fender (single coil) and my Frankenstein (G&M + Seymour Duncan) humbucker.

Timeline gives me enough room to get rid of the Chorus pedals therefore I got rid of a BOSS pedal in my chain, I don’t know if it is a personal opinion but my sound is brighter and cleaner now. I have nothing against buffered pedals but it is something that I noticed as soon as I took it out of the chain.

Now my WAH and MXR Dyna Comp and Volume pedal are the only buffered pedals in the chain, that’s why I placed the EP booster at the end to enhance the sound as much as possible after these buffered circuits.

Hope this info works for those who own a Turnip Greens…