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A Dad and and a Guitar Player — September 29, 2015

A Dad and and a Guitar Player

Today I’m not talking about effects or gear, I’m talking about parenting and still being abel to practice and concentrate while doing it. My kids and I have a very close relationship and playing guitar gets in the middle of their daily plans and of course they do all they can to get my attention. I have also let them stay around while working on my pedalboards and of course some of my pedals have become cars, robots, boats, tanks and all cables are usually whips or noodles…

That is not a problem, the issues comes when you want to sit down and play in the evening and family starts to enter the room and ask any kids of questions just to make their presence noticed. Volume is also an issue when you live in an apartment, not due the neighbours but the wife…

I have come with a plan of practicing with distortion and fuzz during the day when nobody’s home and with my clean tones during the evening, I also wait until dinner is over and I have given enough attention to everyone and call up my practice session so that everyone knows that from 7 to 9 is guitar time. I also use a lower volume and just concentrate on covering songs I know already not to become stressed by not being able to memorize patterns and scales.

Make a timetable and agree with all your family your practice time, drop the electric and use your acoustic in the evenings, I have been using headphones from time to time but be careful of the volume, you don’t want to get deaf…

It is a struggle but a good attitude and communication is essential in this matter. Save your riffs for your private moments and enjoy silly tunes with your kids from time to time, the idea is to keep those fingers busy and strong.

From a married with kids guitar player… (3 kids)

2014 the year of the horse — February 7, 2014

2014 the year of the horse

It has been a while since I do not write a post. Too busy with daily life and mundane issues to sit down and drain my thoughts out. The reasons I wrote this blog in the first place are long gone but the bad taste in my mouth remains. Still living in China and still surprise of their traditions and never ending yearly massive exodus.

Shenzhen City is completely deserted and lonely, a few families walk around the empty streets and more than ever all foreigner are something fun for them to point at at say ” foreigners” in mandarin….

The horse is a symbol of strength and vitality, all bosses use them as luck charms in their offices and this year in the local traditions it is said this is the year of the “bosses”

So as spring festival is about to come to an end and the year of the horse is about to kick off, people will eventually return to the city and Shenzhen will be back to its daily buzzing routine.

Migrant workers will get to find a new job or keep with the old ones but it is a fresh start for everyone. It will soon be summer and the year of the horse will be in full gallop for everyone down here.



Just stopped by — May 28, 2012

Just stopped by

I am just revisiting here, Long time it’s been since I do not write. Reasons?? too much on my head, too many problems or just do not feel like it. Lots have happened in the last few months but I am not talking about it today. maybe another day. won’t talk about the weather nor the traffic. Just know I am still around and have my mind loaded and ready to use it.

Juanmanuel Cunningham

Manipular — October 20, 2011


Def.1: Influir a una persona o intervenir en un asunto de forma maliciosa y poco honesta para conseguir un fin determinado. manejar. 

Def. 2:  Controlar la conducta de una persona impidiendo que actúe con liberta.

Como aprendemos a manipular? Nuestros padres y familiares empienzan a ensenarnos desde muy temprano…

Como vivir sin manipular y sin ser manipulados?


Juanmanuel Cunninghan

Hermanos — October 17, 2011


Que diferentes somos, ayer pensaba. Cada uno, segun dicen los cientificos, venimos de un ancestro comun y aun asi somos tan diferentes los unos de los otros .Realmente somos tan diferentes? Hay caracteristicas unicas que nos unen como especie y a la vez tantas que nos separan. El idioma, las costumbres al comer, al amar, con nuestros hijos, hacia las personas que son diferentes por su color o por su raza, por nuestras creencias, por nuestro status social….

Hace algun tiempo lei sobre el comunismo y el socialismo, para ser honesto son propuestas humanas muy atractivas y hasta romanticas pero como van a funcionar si somos tan diferentes, no creo que un Doctor que haya pasado 10 anos estudiando va a querer vivir en la misma zona donde vive el senor que barre las calles, con esto no quiero decir que para mi haya una diferencia entre ellos como seres humanos, mi punto es la distancia que cada uno quiere hacer dependiendo de su “propio” punto de vista. Nosotros mismos nos colocamos por encima o por debajo de los demas.

Al final del camino todos seremos iguales a la hora de irnos de este mundo, no nos llevaremos nuestros logros, cuenta bancaria menos aun nuestro ego. Asi que busquemos un punto medio, donde humanidad y esfuerzo se encuentren, compartamos mas y ayudemos lo mas que podamos.

Juanmanuel Cunninghan

Lejos de Casa — September 21, 2011
Un nuevo dia — September 19, 2011
Hijos del Papa Google —

Hijos del Papa Google

Cuantas veces hemos ido a la libreria ultimamente? Cuantos libros leimos la semana pasada? Como pasamos nuestro fin de semana? (ojeando Facebook?) Copiando contiendio de Google? Que tan creativos somos hoy en dia? Cuanta basura encontramos en la Web. Sabias que ahora hay lo que llaman fosiles de la web? Pues si… Despues de 15 anos de recolectar basura Google es el basurero virual mas grande del mundo!

La proxima vez que necesites buscar alguna informacion trata de ir mas a la biblioteca, usa mejores recursos, compra una enciclopedia, si no tienes din, pregunta a tu familia, lee mas periodicos, ve las noticias, si vez alguin que no usa sus libros pidele que te los preste….

Seamos mas humanos y menos borregos….

Juanmanuel Cunninghan Armas