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EHX Turnip Greens + Strymon Timeline in the fxloop — August 8, 2016

EHX Turnip Greens + Strymon Timeline in the fxloop

This is a very specific topic. I am simplifying my pedalboard and by working with the logics of the fx chain, I found that the turnip green by EHX has a FX loop. My TG has been sitting there for a long time since I bought it because having an OD followed by a Reverb is not very useful in a chain where I have delays and others at the end of it. Reverb should be the last pedal in my chain; it is because Reverb creates lots of echoes and high pitched sounds that will bounce badly within a Chorus or a delay. By having my Strymon Timeline running into the TP FX loop I avoid this kind of undesired sounds. It actually works very well and you can have wonderful arrangements by using the Soul food (OD) as a boost.  So the order of my chain would be:

Guitar > WAH > MXR Dyna Comp > Blackstar HT-Dist > Turnip greens (Soul food + Holy Grail) EHX > EQ > Volume > EP booster > Amp

I used to work with the fx loop of my amp but sometimes I just cannot take my amp to some gigs and if there is an amp without a FX loop I would be in troubles, therefore I made this straight up approach of a single series of pedals. It works well and the BLACKSTAR is a distortion but it can also work as an OD if you play with a low gain settings. I tried using the Soul Food as an OD and it works great, you just need to play a bit with the volume setting because it is very aggressive. This chain works well with both my Fender (single coil) and my Frankenstein (G&M + Seymour Duncan) humbucker.

Timeline gives me enough room to get rid of the Chorus pedals therefore I got rid of a BOSS pedal in my chain, I don’t know if it is a personal opinion but my sound is brighter and cleaner now. I have nothing against buffered pedals but it is something that I noticed as soon as I took it out of the chain.

Now my WAH and MXR Dyna Comp and Volume pedal are the only buffered pedals in the chain, that’s why I placed the EP booster at the end to enhance the sound as much as possible after these buffered circuits.

Hope this info works for those who own a Turnip Greens…

A Dad and and a Guitar Player — September 29, 2015

A Dad and and a Guitar Player

Today I’m not talking about effects or gear, I’m talking about parenting and still being abel to practice and concentrate while doing it. My kids and I have a very close relationship and playing guitar gets in the middle of their daily plans and of course they do all they can to get my attention. I have also let them stay around while working on my pedalboards and of course some of my pedals have become cars, robots, boats, tanks and all cables are usually whips or noodles…

That is not a problem, the issues comes when you want to sit down and play in the evening and family starts to enter the room and ask any kids of questions just to make their presence noticed. Volume is also an issue when you live in an apartment, not due the neighbours but the wife…

I have come with a plan of practicing with distortion and fuzz during the day when nobody’s home and with my clean tones during the evening, I also wait until dinner is over and I have given enough attention to everyone and call up my practice session so that everyone knows that from 7 to 9 is guitar time. I also use a lower volume and just concentrate on covering songs I know already not to become stressed by not being able to memorize patterns and scales.

Make a timetable and agree with all your family your practice time, drop the electric and use your acoustic in the evenings, I have been using headphones from time to time but be careful of the volume, you don’t want to get deaf…

It is a struggle but a good attitude and communication is essential in this matter. Save your riffs for your private moments and enjoy silly tunes with your kids from time to time, the idea is to keep those fingers busy and strong.

From a married with kids guitar player… (3 kids)

EMG DG20 pickup setting. #fender #mod #active Height is not mentioned in manual.  — August 6, 2015