Having a new amplifier is a blessing but it also requires you to rethink how you use your pedals. I had to rely on many pedals to get the sound I wanted but now with just a few “eessential” pedals I am more than happy with the sound I am getting. 

MXR CAE404 for the wah 

Mooer baby tuner 

The classic tubescreamer 

Xotic SP compressor 

OKKO dominator for leads and high gain 

Mooer spark chorus (not used too much)

Mad Professor delay (very cool)

TC hall of fame reverb 

And out of the switcher : the MXR EQ and the Xotic EP Booster 

The JOYO SWITCH has been reviewed many times and it does the job. Easy to edit and very reliable. Maybe in the future I will change it but so far it covers my needs.
It all goes in front of the amp because I am not using the amp’ dirty channels. I use it on clean and play with the gain a bit to push the TS. If I need more volume I would go to the Crunch channel.
Hope you like it and if you have any questions please let me know