Walking to work and thinking about what is happening in the world these days, it came as a flash, what is actually happening?

Since I was a child my parents owned the truth. Even if things were obvious, they were always right and to my disgrace I was always wrong. There was no space for discussion.

In my teenage years, I was certain of many things that were true but nowadays those ideas are long gone or don’t matter to me anymore. Were they true? So many people telling you what to do that the noise blocked my will to find if what I was seeing around me was right or wrong. Education, history, parenting, philosophy, friendship, they were all just posting in opposite directions. 

As for today, even if you read or actually see something happening you can hear the media and politicians telling you that’s not true. Everyone own their own truth, it’s a with-or-against-me situation and an endless discussion arises to the point of becoming nonsense and the truth somehow is set aside. Reality is no longer real. Our perception is clouded and distorted. 

Truth is no longer important but who speaks louder and who likes to listen to the madman who screams.