This is a very specific topic. I am simplifying my pedalboard and by working with the logics of the fx chain, I found that the turnip green by EHX has a FX loop. My TG has been sitting there for a long time since I bought it because having an OD followed by a Reverb is not very useful in a chain where I have delays and others at the end of it. Reverb should be the last pedal in my chain; it is because Reverb creates lots of echoes and high pitched sounds that will bounce badly within a Chorus or a delay. By having my Strymon Timeline running into the TP FX loop I avoid this kind of undesired sounds. It actually works very well and you can have wonderful arrangements by using the Soul food (OD) as a boost.  So the order of my chain would be:

Guitar > WAH > MXR Dyna Comp > Blackstar HT-Dist > Turnip greens (Soul food + Holy Grail) EHX > EQ > Volume > EP booster > Amp

I used to work with the fx loop of my amp but sometimes I just cannot take my amp to some gigs and if there is an amp without a FX loop I would be in troubles, therefore I made this straight up approach of a single series of pedals. It works well and the BLACKSTAR is a distortion but it can also work as an OD if you play with a low gain settings. I tried using the Soul Food as an OD and it works great, you just need to play a bit with the volume setting because it is very aggressive. This chain works well with both my Fender (single coil) and my Frankenstein (G&M + Seymour Duncan) humbucker.

Timeline gives me enough room to get rid of the Chorus pedals therefore I got rid of a BOSS pedal in my chain, I don’t know if it is a personal opinion but my sound is brighter and cleaner now. I have nothing against buffered pedals but it is something that I noticed as soon as I took it out of the chain.

Now my WAH and MXR Dyna Comp and Volume pedal are the only buffered pedals in the chain, that’s why I placed the EP booster at the end to enhance the sound as much as possible after these buffered circuits.

Hope this info works for those who own a Turnip Greens…