Mooer and Eno are local factories here in Shenzhen, they compete with Joyo and Biyang which are the oldest in the guitar effects business in China. Mooer went and specialized on mini pedals and now they have a good catalogue covering most of the basic stompboxes a guitar player should use. Then low prices and small designs are very appealing and I couldn’t help but to order some to see if I would include  them in one of my boards. 

Pitch box is a detuner, harmonizer and pitch shifter, it works well and goes from -24 up to 24 tones or pitches. The sound is clear and accurate I just felt a bit of a delay when playing single notes. It is very subtle but there is a delay while using the pitch shifter. Perhaps is less than fractions of a second but it feels weird. 

The baby tuner, I compared it to a Taylor and a Fender tuner and it works like a charm. It came with a couple of small scratches but other than that there is nothing more to it . The price is hard to beat…looks very much like the TC tuner…

I’m not a fan of Octave pedals, not my thing, but this one has a good sound, like a church organ or a 70’s Yamaha keyboard. Pure octave has a wide range of combinations and it could be included to give some body to background sounds. Independent controls for  dry signal, sub and upper volume. Clear sound and much better than the ENO version.

Overall they are basic pedals with a good size and great price, not a high end stompbox, it can make a few tricks for an experimental pedalboard and please you with new toys  play with for a while. 

9 DC V and low noise. The seller sent me for free a power supply of 400 MA with a daisy chain of 5 connectors. Sweet!