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A Dad and and a Guitar Player — September 29, 2015

A Dad and and a Guitar Player

Today I’m not talking about effects or gear, I’m talking about parenting and still being abel to practice and concentrate while doing it. My kids and I have a very close relationship and playing guitar gets in the middle of their daily plans and of course they do all they can to get my attention. I have also let them stay around while working on my pedalboards and of course some of my pedals have become cars, robots, boats, tanks and all cables are usually whips or noodles…

That is not a problem, the issues comes when you want to sit down and play in the evening and family starts to enter the room and ask any kids of questions just to make their presence noticed. Volume is also an issue when you live in an apartment, not due the neighbours but the wife…

I have come with a plan of practicing with distortion and fuzz during the day when nobody’s home and with my clean tones during the evening, I also wait until dinner is over and I have given enough attention to everyone and call up my practice session so that everyone knows that from 7 to 9 is guitar time. I also use a lower volume and just concentrate on covering songs I know already not to become stressed by not being able to memorize patterns and scales.

Make a timetable and agree with all your family your practice time, drop the electric and use your acoustic in the evenings, I have been using headphones from time to time but be careful of the volume, you don’t want to get deaf…

It is a struggle but a good attitude and communication is essential in this matter. Save your riffs for your private moments and enjoy silly tunes with your kids from time to time, the idea is to keep those fingers busy and strong.

From a married with kids guitar player… (3 kids)

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Mooer Pedals: Baby Tuner, Pitch Box & Pure Octave #unboxing  — September 14, 2015

Mooer Pedals: Baby Tuner, Pitch Box & Pure Octave #unboxing 

Mooer and Eno are local factories here in Shenzhen, they compete with Joyo and Biyang which are the oldest in the guitar effects business in China. Mooer went and specialized on mini pedals and now they have a good catalogue covering most of the basic stompboxes a guitar player should use. Then low prices and small designs are very appealing and I couldn’t help but to order some to see if I would include  them in one of my boards. 

Pitch box is a detuner, harmonizer and pitch shifter, it works well and goes from -24 up to 24 tones or pitches. The sound is clear and accurate I just felt a bit of a delay when playing single notes. It is very subtle but there is a delay while using the pitch shifter. Perhaps is less than fractions of a second but it feels weird. 

The baby tuner, I compared it to a Taylor and a Fender tuner and it works like a charm. It came with a couple of small scratches but other than that there is nothing more to it . The price is hard to beat…looks very much like the TC tuner…

I’m not a fan of Octave pedals, not my thing, but this one has a good sound, like a church organ or a 70’s Yamaha keyboard. Pure octave has a wide range of combinations and it could be included to give some body to background sounds. Independent controls for  dry signal, sub and upper volume. Clear sound and much better than the ENO version.

Overall they are basic pedals with a good size and great price, not a high end stompbox, it can make a few tricks for an experimental pedalboard and please you with new toys  play with for a while. 

9 DC V and low noise. The seller sent me for free a power supply of 400 MA with a daisy chain of 5 connectors. Sweet! 


G&M Australia Guitar #Customshop #guitar with deluxe bag. — September 3, 2015

G&M Australia Guitar #Customshop #guitar with deluxe bag.

it’s finally arrived! After a long way home and lots of delays in the currier system I Got my new G&M Australia Guitar. It has custom made pickups and a Wilkinson WVS 50 II K tremolo system. I went over it and tried it on my fender amp and have to say that it needs a bit of extra care on the settings, will change the D’Addario strings to Elixir’s ones. Also needs a bit of intonation adjustment,and after all that,I will work on it for a week to revise the setup once again and make some re adjustments. The tone is a bit too hot and could not get a proper clean tone in the first round of testing using the same amp set up I used with my Epiphone, hence I will have to make a new set for this guitar. The guitar also comes with a new locking system and need to work on it but that ll be another post later when I am more familiar with it. Overall I would give:

1. Look: 6/10

2. Tone : 6/10

3. Tremolo: 8/10

4.  Factory settings: 4/10

5. Bag (case) : 7/10
10 being a Stratocaster stock settings…