It has been a while since I do not write a post. Too busy with daily life and mundane issues to sit down and drain my thoughts out. The reasons I wrote this blog in the first place are long gone but the bad taste in my mouth remains. Still living in China and still surprise of their traditions and never ending yearly massive exodus.

Shenzhen City is completely deserted and lonely, a few families walk around the empty streets and more than ever all foreigner are something fun for them to point at at say ” foreigners” in mandarin….

The horse is a symbol of strength and vitality, all bosses use them as luck charms in their offices and this year in the local traditions it is said this is the year of the “bosses”

So as spring festival is about to come to an end and the year of the horse is about to kick off, people will eventually return to the city and Shenzhen will be back to its daily buzzing routine.

Migrant workers will get to find a new job or keep with the old ones but it is a fresh start for everyone. It will soon be summer and the year of the horse will be in full gallop for everyone down here.